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Long Arm Quilting Services

Quick Turnaround Time

Edge to Edge Quilting Services 

A large selection of solid and variegated threads

Batting available (many varieties to choose from)

Machine Binding, pieced backing, and Rush Service available for an additional charge

We take great pride in our long arm quilting services insuring that each quilt is handled with care and attention to detail. We use a Gammill Optimum Long Arm Quilting Machine with Statler Stitcher. This is a state of the art computerized system that finishes your quilt perfectly and accurately.

We offer a large selection of continuous edge to edge pattern designs. We are also available to offer consultation on any number of Edge to Edge designs.

Long Arm Quilting Information

Our Long Arm quilting service uses Gammill Machines w/Statler Stitcher  .

We offer a wide range of edge-to-edge patterns, featuring several designers using digital patterns. We have catalogs that you can look through to find the perfect pattern.  If we don’t have the pattern you like we may be able to purchase it at an additional charge.

We have 3 pattern designers that we regularly use:

Deb Geissler:

Vickie Malaski:

Anne Bright:

Feel free to look at the above sites to get an idea of the type of design you’d like for your quilt.
We are happy to recommend possible options for you.

We strive to keep our turnaround time to 3 weeks or less. If it will take more than 3 weeks, we will let you know at the time you bring your quilt in. If you have a rush job, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to work within your limited schedule. However, there will be an additional charge. (depending on quilt size, timing etc.)You will know that, as well, when we discuss the quilting estimate.


What to do before bringing in your quilt!

If you have not used our services before, here are a few things to help make the  job easier to complete your quilt.

  • Make sure your backing is 3”-6” larger (on each side) than the quilt top.
    (i.e. if your quilt top is 60” w x 70” h, your backing should measure at least 66”w x 76” h.
    The fewer seams on the back, the better. Bed sheets (as quilt backing) are not recommended.
  • Please press your top and backing well. Poorly pressed seams can lead to broken needles and/or holes in quilt tops. It is recommended that the selvedge be removed from center back seam only.  It is a denser weave and may shrink or pucker after washing.
  • Please bring your pressed quilt in on a hanger or folded in a protective bag. (no wire hangers please)
  • Make sure to cut off any loose threads from the front and back of the quilt top.
  • Please check the quilt top for any open seams as they can cause rips or damage during the quilting process. If we find a seam that is open while the quilt is on the machine, we will do our best to fix it, if possible, at an additional charge.
  • Please be sure the backing edges are even. If they are uneven, we will do our best to straighten the backing- This may involve an additional charge.
  • Any special instructions re: backing seam placement (special block or centering back panel placement) or ANY special instructions should be brought to our attention when you drop off your quilt at check in.
  • We carry a full selection of batting, offered at a discount when you purchase it from us.
    You may provide your own batting (folded and unwrapped, no packaging please)

Minimum charge is $40.00
We charge $3.75-$4.00/sq. ft. ($0.026-$0.028/sq. inch) depending on pattern density.

Additional services available 

  •  Machine sew binding, one side: $0.15/linear in.
  •  Machine sewn binding: $0.25/linear in.
  •  Hand sewn binding: $0.35/linear in.
  •  Basting services available upon request (min. charge $50)
  •  Piece backing : $15.00-$25.00 (depending on size)